Master Hong Zhitian will be teaching at an open seminar in Słupsk, Poland

To all of you that might be interested and find it worth coming a long way to learn something about traditional Chinese martial arts, I post this info here in English:

PlaceSłupsk, Poland (exact address will be provided later)

Date: 26th of May 2012.


* part one: fighting skills of Beijing chuojiaofanzi; 10:00-11:30

* part two: yijinjing practice; 11:30-13:00

* part three: other neigongs, or introduction to  so called inner skills training; 14:30-16:00

Cost: 50,-PLN for each part (1EUR≈4.18PLN)


This, btw, is second time, that master Hong Zhitian will be teaching in Słupsk. Same as last year, this year’s seminar is organised by Darek Muraszko’s School of Wu Shi Taijiquan. You’re all welcome to come and join. 🙂


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